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French actor, Erick Deshors was trained in Paris at the American Center and at the Cours Simon. Since 1987 he has worked with various great movie directors such as Volker Schondorff, Claude Chabrol, Claude Miller, Gilles Béat, Raoul Peck, Olivier Marshall and has shared cast with Gerard Depardieu, Helen Mirren, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Jodie Foster, Jean Yanne...

On stage he worked for Roman Polansky, Marcel Maréchal, Serge Moati, Robert Hossein,  Jean-Luc Révol.
He is also seen in numerous TV movies and TV shows.
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French actor and director, Fabrice Michel graduated TNS (National Theatre School of Strasbourg) and since he works on stage for Jean-Pierre Vincent, Joel Jouanneau, Marcel Marshall, Romeo Castellucci, Angela Konrad etc ... and in many stagings of Lambert Wilson (he is Wilson's "fetish" actor). He plays cinema and TV movies with directors such as Nicole Garcia as well as Wim Wenders on advertising clips. Alternatively he writes adaptations for theater and has directed numerous shows with his companies Les Travailleurs de la Nuit and La Chapelle Gokan. He is also drama teacher at the famous Cours Florent actor school in Paris.

jouer juste 







Final of the European Football Cup. At the end of the second half just before extra time. The coach gives final tips book and urges his players to "play right". Of course it is about tactics, or rather a philosophy of the game, but while sticking to the situation of the game the talk is being slightly off from reality to become a kind of sport choreography Treaty. Between outspoken and metaphysical digressions, this masterful discourse become literally borderline specially when intruding the story of a past love with a certain Julie.

Therefore, the advice of the coach will not cease to maintain more curious echoes with the history of the announced end of a passionate love. Imperceptibly, as the two poles of this verbal streams converge, everything starts to make two-way on land adjoining the lives of two (couple) or eleven (team). This metaphorical game does not need to be supported or stressed, it plays itself. Especially since the coach applies to his relationship with Julie equally stringent rules, cool tactical and binding prohibitions that define a field and discipline at the risk of kill feelings at the source. 

In this first atypical novel , Bégaudeau was able to deliver a speech both artful and feverish, sophisticated and compulsive, playful and hallucinated. The dynamic of the speech manages to lead the reader in a grim thought system where the comic asides doubles mental vertigo. Coldness at work here can not conceal the sensitive faults and extralucid blindness of this narrator, Don Quixote of nowadays.


Monologue from "Jouer Juste",  a novel by François Bégaudeau (©Editions Gallimard/ Verticales) Director : Fabrice Michel (with the assistance of : Chloé de Gracia)
Actor : Erick Deshors (with the assistance of Julie Garance)
Video/sound creator : Christophe Tostain

Costumes : Izabelle Annet

"You know nothing. Even play football, you think you know but you do not. You do not know how to love either. It has taught you nothing. It's now that it starts."